Our Consultation Process

A consultation process to help you organize your project, create your vision, and bring it to life.
We refine our consultation process to make sure each client gets the individual attention they deserve

Our 5 Simple Steps

Consultation Phase

What you can expect:  After receiving jobsite photos via our quote request form, we will schedule a phone consultation. 

On this call we will go through more significant details of your project including:

  • Desired scope of work
  • Design & Development Process
  • Potential Budgets
  • Potential timeline

You can expect this call to take between 15 – 30 minutes.  

Discover a Seamless Project Journey with Our Design & Development Process

This phase is a pivotal stage where we collaborate with you to shape your project, meticulously curating every detail essential for its successful completion.

The cost of the Design & Development Phase is determined by factors such as your project’s scale, complexity, involved trade partners, and your level of assistance in finish selections. For a precise cost estimate, we’ll discuss details during your initial call.

Throughout this process, we offer:

  • Utilization of trusted partners, including designers, architects, or engineers.
  • On-site meetings with mechanical Trade Partners (HVAC, plumbing, electrical) for accurate cost assessments.
  • Creation of a detailed scope of work.
  • Assistance from our Selection Coordinator in choosing materials and specifying finishes.
  • Confirmation of electrical layout and lighting locations.
  • Production of cabinetry design and layout.

Upon completion, your final Design & Development presentation will feature:

  • 3D renderings of your space
  • Architectural drawings (if applicable)
  • Design board highlighting selected finish materials
  • A detailed quote based on your selections and layouts

This thorough initial process ensures a smoother construction experience and reduced production time through focused collaborative planning. Typically completed within 4 – 6 weeks, it sets the foundation for a successful project execution.

Transitioning to the Exciting Phase: Planning the Fun Part of Your Project

As your project takes shape with clear plans and defined costs, it’s time for the enjoyable part. In this phase, we will:

  • Construction Agreement Finalization: Formalize the construction agreement to solidify project details.
  • Deposit Collection and Material Orders: Proceed with collecting the deposit and initiating initial material orders.
  • Construction Date Planning: Determine construction dates based on estimated delivery dates, ensuring a streamlined process.
  • On-Site Hours Discussion: Discuss our on-site hours, tailoring our schedule to align with your preferences.
  • Detailed Expectation Conversations: Engage in detailed conversations about expectations during our presence in your home. Topics include job site safety, addressing your concerns, and ensuring a transparent and collaborative working relationship.

This phase marks the transition to the exciting part of your project, where meticulous planning meets the anticipation of bringing your vision to life.

Efficient Execution: Minimizing Disruptions During Construction

Embark on the most dynamic phase with minimal hassle:

  • Active Construction Phase: While this phase is highly active, it requires minimal explanation.
  • Smooth Transition to Building: Now that all elements are in place, we dive into constructing your space efficiently.
  • Considerate In-Home Work: During our presence in your home, we prioritize your family’s comfort, striving to minimize interruptions to your daily life.

Our commitment is to seamlessly transform your space with a focus on efficiency and consideration for your daily routines.

Love Your Space!

When construction is finished, we’ll do a walkthrough together to make sure everything is exactly the way you want it. We know that sometimes you don’t spot things until after we leave, so we’ll give you a call 3 weeks after our final walkthrough. We’ll also check in again a year later to make sure you’re still loving every inch of it!

We offer a 1-year warranty on all workmanship.

Ready to get started on your project?

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