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Our Process


Consultation Phase

Upon receiving job site photos, a 15 - 30 minute phone consultation is scheduled to discuss the project. Topics covered include the scope of work, design process, potential budgets, and timelines.


Design & Developement Phase

This 4 - 6 week phase, involves collaboration with the client to develop the project. Trusted partners may be engaged, on-site meetings held with Trade Partners, and detailed scopes of work created. The Selection Coordinator aides in material select, and the final presentation includes 3D renderings, architectural drawings, a design board, and a detailed quote.


Pre-Construction Phase

This involves finalizing the construction agreement, collecting deposits, and making initial materials orders. Construction dates are determined, and detailed discussions about expectations and job site safety occur.


Construction Phase

The most active phase where construction begins based on the plan. Efforts are made to minimize disruptions, and a walk through is conducted post-completion. Follow-up calls at 3 weeks and a year later address concerns and ensure ongoing satisfaction.

Project Spotlight

In a mere span of five months, an awe-inspiring transformation took place

What once was a modest abode now stands as a magnificent masterpiece! The magic began with the creation of a 2,000 sq ft second floor, boasting four bedrooms and three new bathrooms. The kitchen underwent a stunning renovation, and two cleansing changers were reborn with a fresh makeover. Additionally, a brand new laundry room was added for extra convenience. Read below for the project highlights.

Project Highlights

After nearly 2 years of meticulous planning, the project commenced on February 14, 2022, and progressed through key milestones:

Began project - 2/14/22

The project officially kicked off, marking the beginning of the physical implementation after extensive planning and preparation.

Roof off - 3/10/22

Swift progress allowed for the removal of the roof by March 10, 2022, indicating a significant phase of deconstruction or modification.

Fully framed - 3/21/22

By March 21, 2022, the framework of the structure was fully established, showcasing a substantial advancement in the construction process.

Exterior completed - 4/14/22

The project officially kicked off, marking the beginning of the physical implementation after extensive planning and preparation.

Interior framing completed - 5/2/22

Attention then turned to the interior, with framing completed by May 2, 2022, signifying progress in shaping the internal structure of the project.

Drywall installed - 5/17/22

As of May 17, 2022, the installation of drywall marked another crucial step, bringing the project closer to its final form.

Project completed - 7/6/22

Finally, after meticulous attention to detail and diligent work, the entire project was successfully completed on July 6, 2022, culminating in a fully realized and finished outcome.

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