Our Estimating Process

Our Estimating Process

For the most part, everyone has been spending a lot of time at home.  A whole lot.  While this is great (for most of us), it also gives us all an opportunity to really experience our homes like never before and sometimes that includes finding things that we wish were different. 

We have gotten a lot of these calls lately.  So, what does that look like when you reach out to Francis Family Renovations about a potential home improvement project?

Our Process:

  1. Information request: We ask that you send us at least 3 photos of the space you want to update. These can be emailed to mike@francisrenovations.com, uploaded to www.francisrenovations.com in the Contact Us section, or texted to 484-614-1668.  Whatever is most convenient for you.  It is always helpful, if you already have them, to also send photos of what you are looking for.
  2. Initial conversation: Once we have your pictures, we will schedule a phone conference to get more details.  Based on this conversation, we will generally be able to give you a rough estimate for your project.  This is the free estimate.
  3. In Person meeting:  If you like what I am saying in our initial conversation and I believe I can help you with your project, we will schedule a time to meet.  This might include getting measurements, doing a more thorough inspection of the project space, or just getting a chance to meet each other face to face. 
  4. Next Steps:  The next steps really depend on the scope of your project and your individual needs.  If you decide we are the contractor for you, we will talk through what we need to keep moving forward and get you on our schedule.  

Each project is unique and deserves the proper amount of attention and planning.  In the age of COVID, we have developed this process as a way to effectively assess each customer’s needs and also attempt to keep everyone safe.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!


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