So, you want an exercise room…

If you could add one thing to your house, what would it be?  There are going to be a ton of answers to this.  Mine would toggle between a home office (free from from virtual schooling children) or an exercise room.  I am not the only one.  We are hearing from a lot of you who are thinking the same things; in particular, exercise rooms which is where we are going to focus in this post.

Like everything else with home renovations, the cost of will depend largely on what you are looking for.  It can cost a couple thousand dollars, if you just want to put some rubber flooring down to upwards of $30,000 if you go all in.  Here are the main considerations we want you to think about before you even start the process:

What are you using it for?

Is yoga your thing or do you love a good cardio workout?  I don’t need a ton of space for a yoga practice, but on cardio days, I need SPACE.  One thing that is not conducive to a workout is tripping all over your dumbbells in the middle of skater jumps (don’t ask me how I know).

What equipment will you have?

Will your space be limited to your body and some weights or will you have a treadmill too?  Will the weights just be dumbbells or will you have barbells with a bench?  Add more detail than you think you need.  This will determine the amount of space but it starts the conversation for all of the things to support your equipment such as placement of outlets.

Are you bring realistic?

Don’t get me wrong, we would love to come in and build the gym of your dreams.  We would love to line your walls with mirrors and help you put together some crazy gym equipment and maybe check out whatever The Mirror actually is.  Here’s the kicker…will you use it?  I can confidently say that I would be willing to designate a portion of my home to workout in because it would get used every day.  I would feel confident in putting down a nice rubber floor, putting up one wall height mirror, investing in a tv (Beachbody on Demand and Yoga with Adrienne are our go-to’s), and getting a rack for dumbbells.  Although it would be wonderful, more than this would probably go to waste.  The point is to give you a functional space that you will fell good about maintaining your health in, not waste your money.

Home gyms are a great way to enhance your home and together we can make sure you get have a clear understanding of the investment matched to the desired outcome.

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